Laryngeal actinomycosis: a case report and systematic review of 32 cases in the literature

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Objective: To report a case of vocal cord actinomycosis and provide a systematic review of the literature to provide a reference for its diagnosis and management.

Review Methods: Relevant cases from a PubMed search were reviewed for age/gender, risk factors, clinical manifestations, and treatment.

Results: Thirty-two cases of laryngeal actinomycosis have been reported in the literature. Most (80%) cases presented in patient with known risk factors. The majority presented with dysphonia (61.5%). Thirteen (58.3%) involved the true vocal cords. Penicillin based therapy was treatment of choice.

Conclusion: A structured assessment revealed 32 cases of laryngeal actinomycosis in the literature. Actinomycosis should be considered on the differential, even in healthy individuals with symptoms of laryngeal impairment.

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