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Giant Cell Reparative Granuloma of the Temporal Bone: case study with a radiological focus

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Background: Giant cell reparative granulomas (GCRG) are rare lesions, which uncommonly affect the temporal bone. GCRG can produce a range of symptoms including hearing loss, tinnitus, otalgia, facial weakness, otorrohea and a palpable mass. GCRG cannot be differentiated from Giant cell tumour of bone (GCTB) using imaging and these lesions exhibit histological similarity.
Case report: We report a case of a 41-year-old gentleman with right-sided hearing loss and otorrohea. Computerised Tomography imaging was suggestive of fibrous dysplasia, but MR imaging and further histology revealed a GCRG.
Conclusion: It is important to distinguish GCRG from GCTB, which carries a worse prognosis. Diagnosis is aided by the integration of clinical features, imaging and pathology.

Additional Info

  • Authors: Melanie Dowling, Andrew Camilleri, Andrew King, Amit Herwadkar, Daniel du Plessis & Simon Lloyd
  • Keywords: Giant cell reparative granuloma; Temporal Bone; Computerised Tomography; Magnetic Resonance imaging.
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