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Recurrent acute otitis media in children: a prospective study of outcome following a 6-week course of oral antibiotics

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Objectives: Our objectives were to analyse outcome following a 6-week low-dose antibiotic course in children with recurrent acute otitis media (RAOM) and identify factors affecting response to treatment.
Methods: Children with RAOM were recruited prospectively between 2010 and 2012. Data collected included age of onset, passive smoking, attendance at day-care facilities, and response to treatment.
Results: Thirty-five patients were prescribed a 6-week course of oral antibiotics and the RAOM resolved in 28(80%) of these patients. The remaining 7(20%) did not respond and required VT insertion. Only 50% of children whose parents smoked responded to antibiotics.
Conclusions: A prolonged low-dose course of antibiotics remains effective in managing RAOM but appears to be less effective in children exposed to cigarette smoke.

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  • Authors: David Ellul, Shwan Hameed Mohamad, Mohammed Sufian Miah, Patrick Spielmann & SS Musheer Hussain
  • Keywords: Otitis media, antibiotic prophylaxis, smoking.
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